From Mobile Barely to Mobile Friendly with WPTouch (Updated)

Update: We no longer use WordPress or WPTouch, so this article is out of date and our recommendation no longer is accurate.

Well, tonight I had to completely redo the web site for Zorz in preparation for a busy spring and summer. However, as I’m developing apps now I realized I very much need to make sure that the site is mobile friendly. As I’ve known about WPTouch for a while, I decided to make use of it to see how well it would do. I’m very pleased to say that this WordPress theme is in a word: excellent.


The installation process was literally exactly the same as I would expect for most plugins – completely seamless. Once activated, the plugin was active and I could browse to the site on my iPhone and the iPhone simulator also worked with it. It was very easy to set up and use, and I did like how they made plenty of options in the preferences page for the plugin.


My primary gripe centered around just how massive the preferences page is. I like having lots of customization options, but it needs to have its own section in the WordPress admin and needs to be broken up into seperate pages. Having to scroll through such a list was daunting, but overall it is only a minor issue.


WPTouch is a great plugin and is essential for anyone getting into making mobile friendly sites with WordPress, or pretty much anybody who wants to be able to make a site accessible via mobile quickly and easily. I highly suggest you give it a shot – you will be impressed.

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