Mobile Marketing & Software Development by Zorz

The world is moving onto mobile devices, and Zorz is leading the charge. With extensive experience advertising mobile applications, sites, services and more, Zorz can take your marketing on the move with our mobile solutions. Instead of waiting for the next trend, we’ve gone ahead and dived straight in to this emerging arena.

If you need to advertise your product or service or want to drive leads from people wherever they are, we can help. With ads on mobile applications, sites, search and more, Zorz drives engagement and hot leads to make your mobile campaign shine. Work with us today to take advantage of this growing segment.

As co-founder of the mobile app company appZorz, Zorz is moving further into the mobile space as a developer, marketer and investor. With a pipeline of new apps and technologies currently in development, the goal of the Zorz Mobile Business unit is to build the future technology underpinning compelling new apps.

The signature strategy of appZorz is to create applications that take the clunky parts of using a mobile device and change them to intuitive, second-nature apps. A Zorz app interface does not get in the way of the experience.